Home & Building Maintenance

home building maintenance


Protect your biggest financial investment with the regular maintenance of your home; from loose door handles to leaky taps, don’t wait until things break before fixing them. With Jett Contracting’s home maintenance solutions, you can keep your home in top condition without the hassle of an urgent repair.

Property Management

Have issues been discovered after tenants have moved into or recently moved out of a rental property? Are fence palings loose? Are door hinges broken? Have light globes blown? Jett Contracting can provide all internal and external repairs and maintenance to get the property looking like new again.

Office & Commercial

Wear and tear are common in office and commercial properties. With our building maintenance services, Jett Contracting can fix all those items before they become a big issue, potentially saving you from large repair bills at a later stage.

If you’re not sure if we offer what you need, just get in touch.